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Favorite Brewing Method (extraction method)

How do you make coffee at home? What types of coffee drinks do you typically order when out and about? Are you able to reproduce your coffee shop favorites at home?

These are the types of questions that typically follow people finding out that I am in the coffee business so lets talk about coffee extraction methods (brewing methods for you non-coffee geeks) for a minute. One thing that has come from my time in the coffee business is an unexpected awareness of just how personal coffee is to people. There is no perfect method, especially at home where the variables are more difficult to control. The way you like coffee is the best method for you. It really is just that simple. With that in mind, here are a couple of my preferred methods for making coffee at home:

#1 – The Pour Over

On a typical day, the good, old fashioned pour over method works just fine. We have a glass pour over device that makes 3 travel cups of coffee in a reasonable amount of time and I get the “experience” of hand-making coffee for my family members. I love the aroma and getting to see “behind the curtain” and watch the coffee actually brewing in the metal filter I typically use.

#2 – The Aeropress

There is no better way to make a single cup of coffee, in my opinion, than the simple to use and simple to clean Aeropress with a reusable metal filter. It only makes one at a time, but sometimes that is all you need! The Aeropress is also super handy when you have several people who all want different varieties of coffee.

#3 – The French Press

Using a French Press is not too complicated although it can be difficult to clean if you don’t pay close attention when buying the device. Unlike the pour over, it is a “set it and forget it” type of system. Get everything together and then set a four minute timer and wait for the beep. It is an easy way to make super consistent coffee every time. The size device we have makes two travel cups so it is the one I use on days when everyone else is sleeping late.

#4 – The Moka Pot

I love this old-school coffee maker that allows you to produce real espresso right on your stove without any fancy or expensive equipment. So long as you pay close attention to the device and make sure not to touch anything but the handle, you can use a Moka pot to make espresso drinks at home. With the advent of small, electric milk frothers for the home coffee market, making lattes is super easy. Add in a flavored syrup or other options and you will be able to produce your favorite coffee house espresso drink right in your own kitchen.

Don’t worry, my cold-brewing friends, I have not forgotten about you however, that is an entire blog post of its own. For your convenience, I put a link in each section to a tutorial from our friends over at Blue Bottle Coffee so you can see how it works and decide for yourself if one of my favorite extraction methods might be right for you. In any case, it all starts with great coffee beans Good luck and remember life is too short to drink bad coffee!