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Dad, We’re Out of Coldbrew!

It can be a real emergency when you live with teenagers and the cold brew coffee runs out. Much like sun tea or other items that brew without hot water, cold brew coffee takes 18-24 hours to make so there is no quick-fix solution. About the best you can do is get it set up and making for tomorrow and use regular hot brew coffee or moka pot espresso to try and sooth the savage teenage beasties in the interim.

Here are a couple of the most common questions we get about cold brew and some answers for you to do with as you will:

Question: Why is there so much sludge in the bottom of my cold brew?

Answer: Likely your grain size (grind size) is too small. If you grabbed a bag of coffee off the shelf at the grocery store and put it in cold brew maker then the grain size is set up for a regular home brewing machine and will go right through most cold brew screens. Look for bags that say “cold brew grind” or buy whole beans and grind them yourself starting with the largest grind size on your grinder and work smaller until you get the results you seek!

Question: Why would anyone want cold brew anyway? What is the big deal?

Answer: Personal preference, much like everything else related to coffee consumption. Also, cold brew typically has 60% less acid versus hot brew coffee which can help those who love coffee but often end up with heart burn or an upset stomach. Brewing the coffee for 18-24 hours produced a rich flavor with lower acidity and a stronger effect (in some people) so in the end it us up to you.

Basically get the grain size right and make sure to soak for 18 hours minimum and your cold brew should turn out ok. If you don’t want to mess with grinding your coffee just be sure to let us know you are going to cold brew it so we can order the correct grind size from our roaster!

Metal filter from Zell purchased through Amazon,

The mason jar is just a mason jar.

Coffee pictured is available on our website at

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